Establishment and registration of the organization 

 Japanese EC Promotion Organization for Travel, Tourism and Leisure (abbreviated to JTREC) was established on Oct.1, 2007 in Tokyo, after being formally approved as a non-profit entity by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and registered as it on the same day. 


Objectives of the Organization 

 The primary objective of the organization is to work cooperatively with international organizations, such as UN/CEFACT, AFACT, etc., in order to promote trade facilitation and electronic business, and develop related standards and/or specifications in the travel/tourism domain. The incorporation facilitates the organization to execute specified activities and to earn the fund to pursue the primary objective. Those activities described as in the following are among them. 

 a. Survey and research on electronic commerce both in Japan and/or the world 

 b. Managerial and technical consulting works for travel related businesses 

 c. Software development and contents creation for electronic commerce 

 d. Advertisement and publication on electronic commerce 


Structure of the organization 

 JTREC has now about 20 private persons, working directly or indirectly, and 15 travel related corporations, including associations, coming to work for objectives. It has committees set up within the organization on the promotion of SLH (Small scaled Lodging House) International Pilot Project implemented in AFACT, DTI (Destination Travel Information) Project, etc. The working relationships have been established, internationally, with UN/CEFACT Forum AFACT, Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan, and domestically with Japan Association for Simplification of International Trade Procedures, UN/CEFACT Japan Committee, Supply Chain Information Platform Study Group, Japan Sport Tourism Alliance, IoT Acceleration Consortium, The Forum on Thermalism in Japan, etc. 


Chronology of the organization 

 The origin of this organization dates back to 1992, when the Transportation Ministry (now reorganized as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) suggested the major travel related industry leaders to form the UN/EDIFACT Study Group among the travel industry in Japan. The Study Group was started in the same year with the leading personnel from 16 major travel related companies and associations. Since then, the Study Group had been expanding in its activities and participating members, and reorganized several times to meet the requirements of the industry until the establishment of the present organization, JTREC. 


Managing personnel 

 The management of the organization has been undertaken by the members shown in the following. There are 9 directors and 1 auditor. 

Directors : 

 Chairman                  Mr. Tadashi Ishihara (Visiting Professor, Mejiro University and former Executive 

                                                                             Member of large hotel management) 

 Vice Chairmen          Mr. Eiichi Sakai (President,  Sakai Fermented Sake Production CO., Ltd., former

                                                                    Executive member of a Ryokan)

Vice Chairmen          Mr. Yutaka Yagi (Chief Executive Officer, Suave Hotels Corporation) 

 Managing Director   Mr. Akio Suzuki (SLH Process Project Lead in Travel/Tourism Domain of

                                                                    UN/CEFACT Forum)

   Chief Director at Secretariat 

                                      Mr. Shuichi Ohnishi (former Senior Consultant, IT Company)

Director at Secretariat 

                                   Mr. Hideo Nakamura (Advisor, IT Company)

   Director                     Mr. Norio Shikata (Senior Researcher, Research Company) 

Director                     Mr. Kazuo Hotta (President of PSA Co., Ltd.) 

Director                     Mr. Hiroyuki Imafuku (former Executive member of a railway related IT company) 


Auditor :                       Mr. Michinobu Matsuoka (M&M Travel Consultant) 



                                      Dr. Koichi Tsukigi (Professor at Niigata University of International

                                                                       and Information Studies) 

                                      Mr. Hyouji Saito (former Executive member of a Ryokan) 

                                      Mr. Haruo Ushiba (Deputy Director of Japan Aviation Management Research) 

                                      Mr. Dennis Prima (former Director at a Japanese Office of a GDS company) 

                                      Mr. Seiichi Nishizawa (Director of an IT company) 

                                      Dr. Mikio Tanaka (Deputy Director at JR Souken Information Systems Co., Ltd.) 


Office address and contact information 

Office address : 

    C/O Suave Hotels Corporation 

 Higashiyama 3-1-15, HOLON Ikejiri Bldg 4th Floor,, Meguro, Tokyo 153-0043, Japan 

Contact information : 

 Akio Suzuki             Tel (International) +81 90 1707 1778 

     e-Mail: akiosuzuki@jtrec.org 

    Shuichi Ohnishi              Tel(International) +81 90 5338 1920 

                                             e-Mail: ohnishi@jtrec.org 

 Hideo Nakamura            Tel (International) +81 90 1765 7735 

     e-Mail: h.nakamura@jtrec.org